Humayun Irshad

Humayun Irshad

Postdoctoral Fellow
Humayun Irshad

Humayun Irshad is a PostDoctoral Fellow in Beck Lab of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) & Harvard Medical School. He joined Beck lab in March, 2014, after completing his PhD at Joseph Fourier University Grenoble 1, France (2011-2014). His current research interests lie in the areas of machine learning, microscopic Image analysis and bio-medical imaging.

He is developing automated methods to combine image processing, machine learning and statistical approaches with automated image analysis of normal, pre-invasive and invasive tissue lesions, particularly breast tissue. Such methods include region of interests detection, terminal ductal lobular unit (TDLU) detection and compute its phenotypes, and nuclei and gland detection, segmentation and classification in 2D and 3D histopathological images (H&E stained, IHC stained and fluorescence images). This enables to explore the complexities of the tumors micro-environment and to develop new tools to diagnose patients, to predict how they might respond to a treatment, and to explore the consequences of how different regions and populations of cells within the tumor interact.

Contact Information

330 Brookline Ave. Dana 528
Boston, MA USA
p: 617 667 4118